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My Year in Books: a Challenge

When New Year comes around we're always thinking about the changes we want to make, our resolutions. At the library's circulation desk we see the books about better health, organizing your home, new theories on gardening, raising kids and becoming a better person. We've even seen those people who decide to read something different, so our mystery readers take out non-fiction, the romance readers checking out thrillers and so forth. Ultimately resolutions just seem to fade away for most people, we get busy, or the resolution doesn't fit our lifestyle and we fall back into our comfortable habits. Not for everyone, but for most.

This year I'm trying something different. I've done the resolutions above - to read outside my comfort zone, trying to get my house in order, to eat healthier and while some stuck around for a while, the only real resolution I stick to is to keep reading. Do I try to read something different every now and again? Yes. Do I continue to read my favorite standbys - historical fiction, mysteries? Of course. So this year my resolution is to read. Anything, Everything just to do the thing I love. I'm not worrying about what I read, how long I read, or how many books I read - I'm just going to enjoy reading. But there has to be a bit of a challenge to it otherwise where's the fun. So I'll read what I want, but each month I'm going to look back at what I've read and pick the book that seems to have made the biggest impact - in whatever manner and I'm going to jot that down. By the end of the year - I hope to be able to look back at the list and be reminded of what fun I had, and hopefully be proud of the time I took to enjoy myself doing something I love.

If you'd like to take this challenge with me visit our online programming page and sign yourself up for My Year in Books, or click here:

Renee, Youth Services Librarian

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