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FeederWatch Weeks 5&6

We've seen the most species on week 5 than we have seen yet this year, with 15 different species. The Carolina Wren

has made it's first visit this week. There has been a lot of competition at the feeder, especially with the large number of House Sparrows, and the number of European Starlings has been growing. The feeders had to be filled more often and just like always the Black-Capped Chickadee was the first to arrive. It's also been a cold couple of weeks and the birds have been fluffing there feathers. In fact we had one bird that was a bit hard to identify at first. We had a house finch that was so puffed up and was very chubby looking that it took a while to be absolutely certain it was a house finch (unfortunately we weren't able to get a photo of him all puffed up). The coloring was all right, but his being so chubby created doubts as they're usually a thin looking bird (see the bird below on the top right).

And of course as always there was a squirrel invasion, especially when the last of the peanuts were put up. It was a very active 2 weeks.


Week 5: 15 species, 53 individuals

european starling 9

house sparrow 20

american goldfinch 2

eastern bluebird 1

downy woodpecker 2

dark-eyed junco 3

blue jay 1

house finch 2

white-breasted nuthatch 2

white-throated sparrowo 1

black-capped chickadee 3

tufted titmouse 3

northern cardinal 2

carolina wren 1

song sparrow 1

Week 6: 13 species, 38 individuals

american goldfinch 3

dark-eyed junco 4

northern cardinal 3

european starling 8

black-capped chickadee 3

house sparrow 8

white-throated sparrow 1

tufted titmouse 2

song sparrow 1

mourning dove 1

downy woodpecker 1

blue jay 2

white-breasted nuthatch 1

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