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Bird 101

Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the most recognizable male bird with it's bright red plumage it has year round. The females are a much drabber color, though they have the black mask and bright orange beak. It has also been designated as "the best holiday season bird" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, according to their Facebook post on December 9th.

They are also a popular feeder bird, with a flexible diet composed mostly of seeds, insects and berries. Though mostly known as ground feeders, any type of feeder will attract cardinals, if the perch area is large enough, though platform and hopper feeders are more popular, particularily if there is sunflower seeds in the feeder.

If you are interested in having more cardinals on your property it is recommended that you leave undergrowth in your backyard or around the edges, as cardinalsl ten to forage near the ground and take cover in low hanging branches and bushes. (It's also environmentally friendly).

One cool fact about the female cardinal is that it is one of the few songbirds in North America that sings, generally during breading season.

If you are looking for more information on cardinals try these websites:

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