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Bird 101

Black-capped Chickadee

One of the most recognizable birds we get to our feeders is the black-capped chickadee. A small round bird with the black "cap" on its head is known as the cute bird for being so small and compact but is also know for its curiosity. Chickadees will investigate and explore EVETYTHING in its terriotory, including people. (See picture below, Miss Renee was able to get up real close to this chickadee on the feeder).

In fact chickadees are so curios and brave that people, if they stand still long enough, can feed them from their hand. Chickadees are very social birds and don't mind flocking with other birds, though they prefer to eat on their own. If the feeder is very busy, the chickadee will take what it wants then fly off into a bush to eat.

(See picture below: eating all by myself on the feeder)

If you are interested in bringing chickadees to your backyard, it's very easy. Chickadees will eat from any type of feeder.

While they're not picky eaters they do prefer: sunflower, safflower, njir, suet, peanuts and if you're brave mealworms. Whenever we refill the feeders and we use a shelled seed mix, the chickadees are always the first to arrive.

(See picture to the left: chickadee eating njer seed. See picture below: chickadee eating homemade suet on a platform feeder)

To find out more about chickadees visit:

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